CryoEM Maps and Associated Data Submitted to the 2015/2016 EMDataBank Map Challenge

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Lawson, Catherine ; Chiu, Wah ; Carragher, Bridget ; Carazo, Jose-Maria ; Jiang, Wen ; Patwardhan, Ardan ; Rubinstein, John ; Rosenthal, Peter ; Sun, Fei ; Vonck, Janet ; Bai, Xiaochen ; Bell, James ; Caputo, Nick ; Chakraborty, Arka ; Chen, Dong-Hua ; Chen, James ; Diaz-Avalos, Ruben ; Donati, Laurene ; Estrozi, Leandro ; Galaz Montoya, Jesus ; Gati, Cornelius ; Gomez-Blanco, Josue ; Grigorieff, Nikolaus ; Gros, Piet ; Heymann, Bernard ; Leith, ArDean ; Li, Fei ; Ludtke, Steven ; Nans, Andrea ; Nilchian, Masih ... view all 37 authors
  • Publisher: Zenodo
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.5281/zenodo.1185426, doi: 10.5281/zenodo.1120379
  • Subject: cryoEM | cryo electron microscopy | challenge | validation | benchmark
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<p>Files and metadata associated with the EMDataBank/Unified Data Resource for 3DEM 2015/2016 Map Challenge hosted at are deposited.</p> <p>All members of the Scientific Community--at all levels of experience--were invited to participate as Challengers, and/or as Assessors.</p> <p>Seven benchmark raw image datasets were selected for the challenge. Six are selected from recently described single particle structure determinations with image data collected as multi-frame movies; one is based on simulated (in silico) images. All of the raw image datasets are archived at</p> <p>27 Challengers created 66 single particle reconstructions from the targets, and then uploaded their results with associated details.&nbsp; 15 of the reconstructions were calculated using the SDSC Gordon supercomputer.</p> <p>This map challenge was one of two community-wide challenges sponsored by EMDataBank in 2015/2016 to critically evaluate 3DEM methods that are coming into use, with the ultimate goal of developing validation criteria associated with every 3DEM map and map-derived model.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
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