Pax: Partition-Aware Autoscaling For The Cassandra Nosql Database

Dataset English OPEN
Salvatore Dipietro ; Rajkumar Buyya ; Giuliano Casale (2018)

<p>Apache Cassandra has emerged as one of the most widely adopted NoSQL databases. However, there is still a limited understanding on how to optimally operate Cassandra in the cloud using autoscaling methods, by which resources can be scaled up or down to reduce operational costs and meet service-level objectives (SLOs).</p> <p>To address this limitation, we present PAX, a partition-aware elastic resource management system for Apache Cassandra. PAX uses low-overhead query sampling and knowledge of the data-partitioning across the nodes to automatically adapt capacity in Cassandra clusters. Differently from existing autoscaling methods for Cassandra, which incur large acquisition times for new nodes, PAX exploits Cassandra&#39;s hinted handoff mechanism and a shared hints storage to minimize the time needed to acquire a node into the cluster.</p> <p>We propose a reactive and a proactive implementation of PAX and compare their performance against different workloads with varying intensities and item popularity distributions, finding that the proactive version significantly reduces SLO violations.&nbsp;</p>
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