Data for: Alisch et al MAPLE Supplementary Materials

Dataset OPEN
Alisch, Tom; Crall, James; Zucker, Dave; de Bivort, Benjamin;
  • Publisher: Figshare
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.5281/zenodo.1119131
  • Subject: Inorganic Chemistry | Ecology | Evolutionary Biology | Developmental Biology | Pharmacology | Plant Biology | Drosophila, experimental automation, modular robotics, animal-handling, animal behavior, social networks, virgin-picking, genetic screening | Science Policy | Immunology
    • FOR: 110309 Infectious Diseases | 80699 Information Systems not elsewhere classified | 69999 Biological Sciences not elsewhere classified

<p>Archive of experimental data for the manuscript: &quot;MAPLE: a Modular Automated Platform for Large-scale Experiments, a low-cost robot for integrated animal-handling and phenotyping.&quot; Data are tracked animal centroids from various arenas, genotypes and experim... View more
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