DS_Wave_BiMEP: Wave resource at BiMEP (Spain)

Dataset OPEN
Berque, Joannès ; Lopez-Mendia, Joseba

<p>This Technical Note extends the first published dataset obtained from the TRIAXYS buoy deployed at BiMEP. It covers two periods: i) December 2016 to October 2017; ii) March 2018 to July 2018</p> <p>Sensor is located at 87 m water depth, 300 m up-wave of the OCEANTEC&#39;s&nbsp;Wave Energy Converter,&nbsp;MARMOK- A5 (43&deg;28&#39;12.19&quot;N, 2&deg;52&#39;17.88&quot;O). Statistical wave data are calculated from 20-min time series.</p>
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