General features of the genomes of R. equi 103S and the environmental species, R. jostii RHA1.

Letek, Michal ; González, Patricia ; MacArthur, Iain ; Rodríguez, Héctor ; C. Freeman, Tom ; Valero-Rello, Ana ; Blanco, Mónica ; Buckley, Tom ; Cherevach, Inna ; Fahey, Ruth ; Hapeshi, Alexia ; Holdstock, Jolyon ; Leadon, Desmond ; Navas, Jesús ; Ocampo, Alain ; A. Quail, Michael ; Sanders, Mandy ; M. Scortti, Mariela ; F. Prescott, John ; Fogarty, Ursula ; G. Meijer, Wim ; Parkhill, Julian ; D. Bentley, Stephen ; A. Vázquez-Boland, José (2010)

<p>See <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Table S3</a> for data from two other sequenced genomes from environmental <i>Rhodococcus</i> spp., <i>R. erythropolis</i> PR4 and <i>R. opacus</i> B4 (released online by NITE, the Japanese National Institute for Technology and Evaluation).</p><p><sup><b>a</b></sup>Of which seven in the HGT <i>vap</i> PAI.</p>
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