Experimental laboratory animal infections.

L. Webster, Bonnie ; T. Diaw, Oumar ; M. Seye, Mohmoudane ; P. Webster, Joanne ; Rollinson, David (2013)

*<p>Hamsters were used as <i>S. haematobium</i> does not develop well in mice.</p>**<p>Genetic profiles and number of hybrid miracidia resulting from the heterospecific crosses. In total 96 miracidia from each animal cross were genetically analysed.</p><p><i>S. c</i> = <i>S. curassoni</i>, <i>S. b</i> = <i>S. bovis</i>, <i>S. h</i> = <i>S. haematobium</i>, M = male and F = female.</p>
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