Blastocyst free amino acid concentration and relative % at day 3.5 of pregnancy from mice fed either NPD or Emb-LPD from morning after mating.

J. Eckert, Judith; Porter, Richard; J. Watkins, Adam; Burt, Elizabeth; Brooks, Suzanne; J. Leese, Henry; G. Humpherson, Peter; T. Cameron, Iain; P. Fleming, Tom;

<p>Values shown with SEM. Differences between diet treatment at individual time points represented by * = P<0.05; † = P<0.01; ‡ = P<0.001; ▵ = trend, P<0.1.</p>1<p>NPD: n = 15 for Phenylalanine, essential amino acids and n = 14 for Hypotaurine, non-essential and total a... View more
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