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Middelnederlandse Handschriften in de Universiteitsbibliotheek Utrecht

van den Assem, Roel; van Hilten, Femke; Lammers, Kristien; van Setten, Sophie; Jaski, Bart;
Open Access   Dutch; Flemish  
Country: Netherlands
Catalogue of c. 100 Middle Dutch manuscripts and manuscript fragments in the University Library of Utrecht. Rubrics: title, date, origin, description, script, scribe, decoration, content, genre, binding, provenance and recent secondary literature. Genres: Artes literature, Didactic texts, Philosophy, Historical texts, Court literature, Moralistic texts, Travel literature, Religious texts, Statutes. Religious texts are subdivided into: biblical texts, exempla, prayers, books of hours, hagiography, monastic rules and theology. Of each manuscript an image is included. The manuscripts are all medieval (until 1500), most of them of the 15th century. Compiled as part of a traineeship in 2012, revised and updated in 2018.

Humanities - Languages and literature (6.2), Humanities - Art (arts, history of arts, performing arts, music) (6.4), manuscripts, Middle Dutch, decorations, medieval texts, sources, penwork, manuscript fragments, religious texts, provenance

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