Functional Group Chemistry at the Group 4 Bent Metallocene Frameworks: Formation and “Metal-Free” Catalytic Hydrogenation of Bis(imino-Cp)zirconium Complexes

Axenov, Kirill V.; Kehr, Gerald; Fröhlich, Roland; Erker, Gerhard;

Treatment of 6-dimethylaminofulvene <b>1</b> with lithio-2,6-diisopropylanilide <b>2</b> gave the lithiated 6-(2,6-diisopropylanilido)fulvene <b>3</b>. Its treatment with Me<sub>3</sub>SiCl afforded the N-silylated derivative (C<sub>5</sub>H<sub>4</sub>)CH-N(Ar)SiMe<su... View more
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