Synthesis, Structural Analysis, and Chiral Investigations of Some Atropisomers with EE-Tetrahalogeno-1,3-butadiene Core

Piron, Flavia; Vanthuyne, Nicolas; Joulin, Bérangère; Naubron, Jean-Valère; Cismaş, Crina; Terec, Anamaria; Varga, Richard Attila; Roussel, Christian; Roncali, Jean; Grosu, Ion;
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  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1021/jo901762j.s002, doi: 10.1021/jo901762j.s003, doi: 10.1021/jo901762j.s004
  • Subject: iodo derivatives | tetrachloro compound | VCD spectra | configuration | tetrabromo compounds | Sociology | butadiene core | Medicine | enantiomerization process | conformation | DHPLC | Cell Biology | barrier | signature band | Chiral Investigations | Structural Analysis | Biochemistry | chiral HPLC | NMR experiments | Biophysics | van der Waals radii
    • FOR: 29999 Physical Sciences not elsewhere classified | 110309 Infectious Diseases | 39999 Chemical Sciences not elsewhere classified

The atropenantiomers of stable 1,2,3,4-tetrahalo-1,3-butadiene derivatives (where halogeno stands for bromine or iodine) were separated with use of chiral HPLC. The barriers for the enantiomerization process were determined on-line by dynamic HPLC (DHPLC) or off-line by... View more
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