Selective Lithiation and Phosphane-Functionalization of [(η7-C7H7)Ti(η5-C5H5)] (Troticene) and Its Use for the Preparation of Early-Late Heterobimetallic Complexes

Mohapatra, Swagat K.; Büschel, Susanne; Daniliuc, Constantin; Jones, Peter G.; Tamm, Matthias;

The cycloheptatrienyl-cyclopentadienyl sandwich complex [(η<sup>7</sup>-C<sub>7</sub>H<sub>7</sub>)Ti(η<sup>5</sup>-C<sub>5</sub>H<sub>5</sub>)] (troticene) can be dilithiated (once at each ring) or selectively monolithiated, either at the seven- or five-membered ring, ... View more
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