Multimodal Study of Secondary Interactions in Cp*Ir Complexes of Imidazolylphosphines Bearing an NH Group

Grotjahn, Douglas B.; Kraus, John E.; Amouri, Hani; Rager, Marie-Noelle; Cooksy, Andrew L.; Arita, Amy J.; Cortes-Llamas, Sara A.; Mallari, Arthur A.; DiPasquale, Antonio G.; Moore, Curtis E.; Liable-Sands, Louise M.; Golen, James D.; Zakharov, Lev N.; Rheingold, Arnold L.;

Hydrogen bonding phenomena are explored using a combination of X-ray diffraction, NMR and IR spectroscopy, and DFT calculations. Three imidazolylphosphines R<sub>2</sub>PImH (ImH = imidazol-2-yl, R = <i>t</i>-butyl, <i>i</i>-propyl, phenyl, <b>1a</b>−<b>1c</b>) and cont... View more
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