Effects of the Orientation of [B5O11]7– Fundamental Building Blocks on Layered Structures Based on the Pentaborates

Mutailipu, Miriding; Zhang, Min; Dong, Xiaoyu; Chen, Yanna; Pan, Shilie;

Four new layered pentaborates Rb<sub>4</sub>Ba<sub>2.5</sub>­B<sub>20</sub>O<sub>34</sub>­Br, Rb<sub>2</sub>Ba<sub>4</sub>­B<sub>20</sub>O<sub>34</sub>­Br<sub>2</sub>, Rb<sub>4</sub>Ba<sub>2.5</sub>­B<sub>20</sub>O<sub>34</sub>­Cl, and KBa­B<sub>5</sub>O<sub>9</sub> ... View more
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