Charge Density Wave and Narrow Energy Gap at Room Temperature in 2D Pb3–xSb1+xS4Te2−δ with Square Te Sheets

Chen, Haijie; Malliakas, Christos D.; Narayan, Awadhesh; Fang, Lei; Chung, Duck Young; Wagner, Lucas K.; Kwok, Wai-Kwong; Kanatzidis, Mercouri G.;

We report a new two-dimensional compound, Pb<sub>3–<i>x</i></sub>­Sb<sub>1+<i>x</i></sub>­S<sub>4</sub>­Te<sub>2−δ</sub>, that has a charge density wave (CDW) at room temperature. The CDW is incommensurate with <i>q</i>-vector of 0.248(6)<i>a</i>* + 0.246(8)<i>... View more
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