Visible Light Induced Reversible Extrusion of Nitric Oxide from a Ruthenium(II) Nitrosyl Complex:  A Facile Delivery of Nitric Oxide

Prakash, Raju; Czaja, Alexander U.; Heinemann, Frank W.; Sellmann, Dieter;

The new ruthenium compound [Ru(NO)(py<sup>si</sup>S<sub>4</sub>)]Br (<b>3</b>) (py<sup>si</sup>S<sub>4</sub> = 2,6-bis(3-triphenylsilyl-2-sulfanylphenylthiomethyl)pyridine), containing sterically bulky SiPh<sub>3</sub> groups <i>ortho</i> to the thiolate donors, has bee... View more
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