Mono-, Di-, and Oligonuclear Complexes of CuII Ions and p-Hydroquinone Ligands:  Syntheses, Electrochemical Properties, and Magnetic Behavior

Margraf, Günter; Kretz, Tonia; Fabrizi de Biani, Fabrizia; Laschi, Franco; Losi, Serena; Zanello, Piero; Bats, Jan W.; Wolf, Bernd; Remović-Langer, Katarina; Lang, Michael; Prokofiev, Andrei; Assmus, Wolf; Lerner, Hans-Wolfram; Wagner, Matthias;

Four highly soluble square-planar Cu<sup>II</sup> and Ni<sup>II</sup> complexes of siloxy-salens (<b>2SiCu</b>, <b>2SiNi</b>) and hydroxy-salens (<b>2Cu</b>, <b>2Ni</b>) have been synthesized. An X-ray crystal structure analysis was performed on <b>2SiCu</b>, <b>2SiN... View more
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