Novel Malonate-Containing Coordination Compounds with Ligands Having N- and NO-Donors: Synthesis, Structures, and Magnetic Properties

Delgado, Fernando S.; Jiménez, Claudio A.; Lorenzo-Luis, Pablo; Pasán, Jorge; Fabelo, Oscar; Cañadillas-Delgado, Laura; Lloret, Frances; Julve, Miguel; Ruiz-Pérez, Catalina;

In our efforts to tune the structures of mixed-ligands malonate-containing coordination compounds, four copper(II) and two high-spin cobalt(II) complexes of formulas [Cu(mal)(H<sub>2</sub>O)(dpo)]<sub><i>n</i></sub> <b>(1)</b>, [Cu<sub>2</sub>(mal)<sub>2</sub>(H<sub>2</... View more
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