Tunable Light Emission and Multiresponsive Luminescent Sensitivities in Aqueous Solutions of Two Series of Lanthanide Metal–Organic Frameworks Based on Structurally Related Ligands

Mi, Xiuna; Sheng, Dafei; Yu, Yu’e; Wang, Yuhao; Zhao, Limin; Lu, Jing; Li, Yunwu; Li, Dacheng; Dou, Jianmin; Duan, Jingui; Wang, Suna;

Two series of lanthanide metal–organic frameworks (Ln-MOFs) from two structurally related flexible carboxylate-based ligands were solvothermally synthesized. H<sub>3</sub>L2 with additional −CH<sub>2</sub>− group provides more flexibility and different coord... View more
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