Individual Brain Charting, a high-resolution fMRI dataset for cognitive mapping

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Pinho, Ana Luísa; Amadon, Alexis; Ruest, Torsten; Fabre, Murielle; Dohmatob, Elvis; Denghien, Isabelle; Ginisty, Chantal; Becuwe-Desmidt, Séverine; Roger, Séverine; Laurier, Laurence; Joly-Testault, Véronique; Médiouni-Cloarec, Gaëlle; Doublé, Christine; Martins, Bernadette; Pinel, Philippe; Eger, Evelyn; Varoquaux, Gaël; Pallier, Christophe; Dehaene, Stanislas; Hertz-Pannier, Lucie; Thirion, Bertrand;
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The individual Brain Charting (IBC) Project is using high resolution fMRI to map 12 subjects that undergo a large number of tasks: the HCP tasks, the so-called ARCHI tasks, a specific language task, video watching, low-level visual stimulation etc. The native resolution... View more
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