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  • Other research product . Other ORP type . 2022
    Open Access English
    Publisher: Sarajevo : INSAM Institute for Contemporary Artistic Music
    Country: Serbia

    The couple of issues of the INSAM Journal of Contemporary Music, Art and Technology planned for this year – of which the issue before us, No. 8, is the first one – are dedicated to the theme titled “Fighting for the attention: Music and art on social media”. This theme also leans on the previous ones that dealt with music and art in times of crisis or the relationship between music and art with mental health in contemporary society. This time, we are shedding the light on artists, creators, procedures, methodologies and outputs that are in direct correlation with the ways in which diverse social media platforms today function and grab our attention. The Main Theme section brings us seven exciting papers

  • Restricted English
    Ćetković, Marina;
    Publisher: THE SCIENTISTT India
    Country: Serbia
  • Open Access English
    Savić, Snežana; Pantelić, Ivana; Jančić, Ivan; Savić, Miroslav;
    Country: Serbia

    Mood, anxiety and cognitive symptoms in psychiatry and neurology represent a significant worldwide burden. Due to difficulties in disease modeling and drug delivering to the site of action, as well as gaps in in vitro/in vivo extrapolation, the efforts to elucidate the roles of stress and neuroimmune pathways in both, etiology and therapy of these symptoms are challenging, but may nevertheless result in novel mechanisms of action. Recent preclinical studies provided novel leads/drug candidates with promising mood, anxiety and cognitive effects, the intellectual property rights of which are co-owned by the project beneficiary. We aim to: (1) incorporate the selective ligands of GABAA and/or sigma-2 receptors, with code names GL-II-73, DK-I-56, MM-I-03 and CW-02-79, together with two reference sigma-2 receptor ligands (siramesine and RHM-1), into the optimized nanoparticles and target their delivery to the human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC)- based tri-culture cell neuroinflammation model, or rat brain; (2) quantify the immunological/morphological/neurochemical markers in immunologically challenged hiPSC-derived neurons, astrocytes and glia cells, and (3) assess their effects on behavior and biological markers in immunologically challenged animals of both sexes subjected to chronic mild unpredictable stress. We assume that the targeted nanodelivery of selected compounds to the brain will improve their pharmacokinetic profile, fortify their beneficial effect on mood, anxiety and cognition, and help delineate the contributing neuroimmune effects presumably arising mainly from microglia. The familiarization with neuroimmune aspects and pharmacokinetic optimization will support the preclinical progress of these compounds and might provide a rationale for designing clinical trials. Link to the conference object: []

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