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  • Repositorio Digital Universidad Don Bosco
  • COVID-19

  • Publication . Conference object . Article . 2020
    Open Access English
    Manuel Cardona; Allan Palma; Josue Manzanares;
    Publisher: Editorial Universidad Don Bosco
    Country: El Salvador

    This paper presents how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the course of the mobile robotics market, showing the status of mobile robots in three stages: before, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. By analyzing these stages, it is possible to estimate what awaits this market in the future. From the many applications of mobile robots found during the COVID- 19 pandemic, as will be shown later, it is clear that mobile robots will be an important part of the future influencing the accelerated growth of their market and development.

  • Publication . Article . Conference object . 2020
    Open Access
    Manuel Cardona; Fernando Cortez; Andres Palacios; Kevin Cerros;
    Publisher: IEEE
    Country: El Salvador

    This article presents an investigation about the different applications of mobile robots in the fight against the Covid- 19 pandemic. It shows the different contributions of companies around the world that seek to adapt to the new needs in order to be able to mitigate the progress of the Covid-19 using mobile robots as a tool, focusing primarily in the area of health and service.

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