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  • Open Access English
    Westerhout, Eline; Markus, Thomas; Monachesi, Paola;

    This book contains a selection of papers presented at the twentieth meeting of Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands (CLIN). The meeting was organized by the UiL-OTS institute, which is part of Utrecht University (The Netherlands) on 5 February 2010 and featured 55 oral presentations and 18 posters. Eleven papers have been selected for publication in these proceedings. They deal with a variety of topics in computational linguistics, such as machine translation, named entity recognition, and morphological segmentation.

  • Open Access English
    Stemle, Egon W.; Wigham, Ciara R.;
    Publisher: Zenodo
    Country: France
    Project: NWO | The impact of computer-me... (2300181432), NWO | The impact of computer-me... (2300181432)

    International audience; This volume presents the proceedings of the 5th edition of the annual conference series on CMC and Social Media Corpora for the Humanities (cmc-corpora2017). This conference series is dedicated to the collection, annotation, processing, and exploitation of corpora of computer-mediated communication (CMC) and social media for research in the humanities. The annual event brings together language-centered research on CMC and social media in linguistics, philologies, communication sciences, media and social sciences with research questions from the fields of corpus and computational linguistics, language technology, text technology, and machine learning.The 5th Conference on CMC and Social Media Corpora for the Humanities was held at Eurac Research on October, 4th and 5th, in Bolzano, Italy. This volume contains extended abstracts of the invited talks, papers, and extended abstracts of posters presented at the event. The conference attracted 26 valid submissions. Each submission was reviewed by at least two members of the scientific committee. This committee decided to accept 16 papers and 8 posters of which 14 papers and 3 posters were presented at the conference. The programme also includes three invited talks: two keynote talks by Aivars Glaznieks (Eurac Research, Italy) and A. Seza Doğruöz (Independent researcher) and an invited talk on the Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure (CLARIN) given by Darja Fišer, the CLARIN ERIC Director of User Involvement.

  • Publication . Book . 2017
    Open Access German
    Helbig, Kerstin; Fromm, Niels; Riesenweber, Christina; Schlegel, Birgit; Schobert, Dagmar; Voigt, Michaela; Winterhalter, Christian;
    Publisher: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Universitätsbibliothek der Humboldt-Universität
    Country: Germany

    Im Spätsommer 2016 begannen die Planungen der Open-Access-Teams der Freien Universität, der Humboldt-Universität und der Technischen Universität Berlin für die internationale Open Access Week 2016. In einem Call for Posters wurden Berliner und Brandenburger Open-Access-Projekte dazu aufgerufen, ihre Aktivitäten in einer Ausstellung vorzustellen. Die Publikation dokumentiert die Posterausstellung und Podiumsdiskussion zur Open Access Week 2016. Sie enthält 30 Poster inklusive Beschreibungen und Links zu den Originalversionen in Druckqualität, ergänzt um Fotos einer Abendveranstaltung bei Wikimedia Deutschland. In late summer 2016 the open access teams of the Freie Universität, the Humboldt-Universität and the Technische Universität Berlin started their plans for the international Open Access Week 2016. In a call for posters, open access projects from Berlin and Brandenburg were requested to present their activities in a poster exhibition. The publication documents the poster exhibition and panel discussion during the Open Access Week 2016. It contains all posters including abstracts and links to the original versions in print quality, supplemented by photos from the Wikimedia event. Not Reviewed

  • Open Access
    Bennis, H.J.;
    Publisher: Meertens Instituut
  • Open Access English
    van der Sijs, N.;
    Publisher: NWO-Groot aanvraag
  • Publication . Book . Conference object . 2012
    Open Access English
    Marta Villegas; Nuria Bel; Carlos Gonzalo; Amparo Moreno; Nuria Simelio;
    Publisher: ACL (Association for Computational Linguistics)
    Country: Spain
    Project: EC | CLARIN (212230)

    In this paper we present two real cases, in the fields of discourse analysis of newspapers and communication research which demonstrate the impact of Language Resources (LR) and NLP in the humanities. We describe our collaboration with (i) the Feminario research group from the UAB which has been investigating androcentric practices in Spanish general press since the 80s and whose research suggests that Spanish general press has undergone a dehumanization process that excludes women and men and (ii) the “Municipals’11 online” project which investigates the Spanish local election campaign in the blogosphere. We will see how NLP tools and LRs make possible the so called "e-Humanities research‟ as they provide Humanities with tools to perform intensive and automatic text analyses. Language technologies have evolved a lot and are mature enough to provide useful tools to researchers dealing with large amount of textual data. The language resources that have been developed within the field of NLP have proven to be useful for other disciplines that are unaware of their existence and nevertheless would greatly benefit from them as they provide (i) exhaustiveness -to guarantee that data coverage is wide and representative enough- and (ii) reliable and significant results -to guarantee that the reported results are statistically significant. The research reported in this paper is part of the activities carried out within the CLARIN (Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure). CLARIN in Spain has received funds from the 7FP of the EU (FP7-INFRASTRUCTURES-2007-1-212230), the Spanish Misterio de Educación y Ciencia (CAC-2007-23) and Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (ICTS-2008-11 and ACI2009-0995) and the Generalitat de Catalunya, this project is committed to the integration of the Catalan language in CLARIN by the development of a demonstrator. Comunicació presentada a: Eighth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation, celebrada a Istanbul, Turkey, del 21 al 27 de maig de 2012.

  • Publication . Book . 2015
    Open Access
    de Bruin, R.E.; Onnekink, D.M.L.; Van der Haven, Cornelis; Jensen, Lotte; LS Middeleeuwen, int.betrekkingen; LS BZ Utrecht studies; OGKG - Internationale en Politieke geschiedenis; OGKG - Sociaal-economische geschiedenis;
    Publisher: BRILL
    Countries: Netherlands, Belgium

    The Peace of Utrecht (1713), which brought an end to the War of the Spanish Succession, was a milestone in global history. Performances of Peace aims to rethink the significance of the Peace of Utrecht by exploring the nexus between culture and politics. For too long, cultural and political historians have studied early modern international relations in isolation. By studying the political as well as the cultural aspects of this peace (and its concomitant paradoxes) from a broader perspective, this volume aims to shed new light on the relation between diplomacy and performative culture in the public sphere.

  • Open Access English
    Odijk, J.E.J.M.; LS OZ Taal en spraaktechnologie; UiL OTS LLI;

    The conference proceedings in this volume present a selection of the highlights of the CLARIN 2014 Annual Conference in which members of the CLARIN community share their experiences and results.

  • Open Access Dutch; Flemish
    Tjalsma, H.D.;
    Publisher: Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS)
  • Open Access Dutch; Flemish
    Folmer, Erwin Johan Albert;
    Publisher: PLDN

    Platform Linked Data Nederland bestaat dit jaar 5 jaar en om dat te vieren is een lustrum boek gemaakt, waarin de resultaten van de afgelopen 5 jaar gedeeld worden en waarin een aantal interviews staan met een aantal personen die een belangrijke rol hebben gespeeld in de positieve ontwikkelingen rondom Linked Data projecten. Frank Tierolff, bestuurder bij het Kadaster, is één van de personen, die geïnterviewd is voor dit lustrumboek. Wat Linked Data voor het Kadaster betekent en welke aspecten en ontwikkelingen verder een belangrijke rol spelen bij de ambities van het Kadaster in relatie tot Linked Data,

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