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  • 2013-2022
  • Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)

  • Open Access English
    Geerlings, Nicole M. J.; Zetsche, Eva-Maria; Hidalgo-Martinez, Silvia; Middelburg, Jack J.; Meysman, Filip J. R.;
    Project: EC | BIPHA (660481), NWO | The impact of cable bacte... (2300189430), EC | SEDBIOGEOCHEM2.0 (306933)

    Cable bacteria are multicellular, filamentous microorganisms that are capable of transporting electrons over centimeter-scale distances. Although recently discovered, these bacteria appear to be widely present in the seafloor, and when active they exert a strong imprint...

  • Other research product . Other ORP type . 2016
    Open Access English
    Serrano Mena, A.; Hage, J.; Sub Software Technology; Software Technology;
    Project: NWO | Domain-Specific Type Erro... (2300178246)

    Attribute grammars provide a framework to de ne compu- tations over trees, by decorating those trees with attributes. Attribute grammars have been successfully applied in many areas, including compiler construction and natural language processing. In this paper we prese...

  • Other research product . Other ORP type . 2015
    Open Access Dutch; Flemish
    Bor-de Vries, M.; Drijvers, P.H.M.; Mathematics Education; Sub Mathematics Education;
    Publisher: Utrecht University
    Project: NWO | Wiskundige denkactiviteit... (2300185328)
  • Other research product . Other ORP type . 2017
    Open Access English
    Kok, Jan; van Gijtenbeek, Lieke A; de Jong, Anne; van der Meulen, Sjoerd B; Solopova, Ana; Kuipers, Oscar P;
    Project: NWO | Understanding preculture-... (2300155180), NWO | Understanding the bottlen... (2300162866)

    Lactococcus lactis is a major microbe. This lactic acid bacterium (LAB) is used worldwide in the production of safe, healthy, tasteful and nutritious milk fermentation products. Its huge industrial importance has led to an explosion of research on the organism, particul...

  • Open Access English
    Wachsmuth, G.H.; Konat, G.D.P.; Vergu, V.A.; Groenewegen, D.M.; Visser, E.;
    Publisher: Delft University of Technology, Software Engineering Research Group
    Project: NWO | Deep Integration of Domai... (2300171783)

    This paper is a pre-print of: Guido H. Wachsmuth, Gabriel D.P. Konat, Vlad A. Vergu, Danny M. Groenewegen, Eelco Visser. A Language Independent Task Engine for Incremental Name and Type Analysis. In: Martin Erwig, Richard F. Paige, Eric Van Wyk, editors, Software Langua...

  • Other research product . Other ORP type . 2013
    Open Access English
    Nguyen, Tuan Anh; Aiello, Marco;
    Project: EC | GREENERBUILDINGS (258888), NWO | Energy Smart Offices (EnS... (2300163177)

    Occupant presence and behaviour in buildings has been shown to have large impact on heating, cooling and ventilation demand, energy consumption of lighting and appliances, and building controls. Energy-unaware behaviour can add one-third to a building's designed energy ...

  • Open Access English
    Verschelling, Eelco; van der Deijl, Eveline; van der Perk, Marcel; Middelkoop, Hans; Geomorfologie; Coastal dynamics, Fluvial systems and Global change;
    Project: NWO | Delta engineering: drowni... (2300173901)
  • Open Access English
    Munzel, K.L.; Boon, W.P.C.; Frenken, K.; Vaskelainen, T.; Dynamics of Innovation Systems; Innovation and Sustainability; Innovation Studies;
    Project: NWO | The Upscaling of Carshari... (2300189054)

    Carsharing provides an alternative to private car ownership by allowing car use temporarily on an ondemand basis. Operators provide carsharing services using different business models and ownership structures. We distinguish between cooperative, business-to-consumer (B2...

  • English
    Paparas, Dimitrios; Stoian, Andreea;
    Country: Germany
    Project: NWO | An Open Fitting for arm p... (2300172410), NWO | Werkbezoekregeling STW (2300152732)

    The aim of this paper is to investigate the relationship between government expenditure and economic growth commonly known as Wagner’s law for one single Central and Eastern European country namely Romania. Using a dataset ranging from 1995 to 2015, we apply latest econ...

  • Open Access
    Mullakkal Babu, Freddy A; Wang, Meng;
    Country: Netherlands
    Project: NWO | From Individual Automated... (2300186959)

    This package contains Matlab scripts used in the article: Mullakkal-Babu, F. A., Wang, M., van Arem, B., & Happee, R. (2016, November). Design and analysis of full range adaptive cruise control with integrated collision avoidance strategy. In 2016 IEEE 19th Internationa...