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  • Open Access Persian
    Sayyed Abbas Mousavian; Mohammad Hasem Botshekan; Fereshteh Rahimi Almasi;
    Publisher: Imam Sadiq University

    At the moment, Iran needs an urgent development of its infrastructure but the government's financial resources are not high enough to afford such expenses and on the other hand, the mismatch between the short-term resources of banks and long-term expenses of projects, has made it inappropriate to finance long-term needs through banks. In this regard using the private sector's resources through the capital market can be a good solution for this problem. The main objective of this research is to design and juridical study of Ju'alah securities to finance infrastructure road transport projects in capital market of Iran. By applying the Delphi method or experts survey, the juridical aspects of the newly designed Ju'alah securities to finance infrastructure road projects were studied and two operational model for it were approved by experts in which: (i) the contractor builds the project for certain amount of money that the government should pay. This model is suitable for Build, Transfer and Lease (BTL) contracts and alike, (ii) the contractor builds the project for the right to operate it for a specific time period. This model is suitable for Build, Operate and transfer (BOT) contracts and alike.

  • Open Access Persian
    Laybidi, M. I.; Adel MAZLOUMI; Saraji, J. N.; Gharagozlou, F.; Azam, K.;
    Publisher: Iran University of Medical Sciences

    Background and aim: Air traffic control has known as a complex cognitive task, which requires controller to focus on task for long time. Mental workload plays an important role in the performance of controllers. The aim of this study was to assess the workload of air traffic controller on the basis of task load factors. Methods: The present descriptive-analytical study was conducted among fourteen air traffic controllers. First, air traffic control tasks were determined using hierarchical task analysis (HTA) technique and two low and high workload scenarios were designed based on the task load factors for controlling job. Next, the workload of the controllers were assessed in these two scenarios by NASA-TLX inventory. Results: The results of HTA showed that air traffic control contains 49 main subtasks. The findings of the NASA-TLX showed that under high workload condition, mental demand with mean scores of 71/93 was the most overloaded task. Moreover, there were significant relationship between mental, physical, temporal demands, effort and frustration under high and low workload (P value>0/05). Whereas, it was not significant for performance variable under both low and high level conditions (P value<0/05). Conclusion: The findings emphasize the importance of task load factors concerning air traffic controllers. Therefore, other evaluation methodologies is suggested with focused on the task load factors including Performance Assessment in all sectors of air traffic control center.

  • Open Access Persian
    Seyyed Reza Makkiabadi; Kambiz Behnia; Ali Akbari;
    Publisher: Iranian Society of Structrual Engineering (ISSE)

    Public private partnership has been used extensively in both developing and developed countries in delivering various types of projects, ranging from transportation projects, health care facility and power plants. The high speed rail projects which implemented by public private partnership in recent years has faced with difficulties. This paper aims to develop an identification and assessment method for critical risks of public private partnershiphigh speed rail project in Iran. In this research at first, risks of public private partnershiphigh speed rail projects are identified by integration of extensive literature review and Public private partnership high speed rail project experience in Iran and other countries. In the next step, the identified risks are assessed by questionnaire survey and multivariate statistical analysis. Analytical investigations show that the number of critical risks in high speed rail projects and their mean importance is higher than that of general public private partnership projects. In this study in addition of confirming pre identified risk groups consisting political and financial groups, two major groups of initialisation and contractual risks specific to high speed rail projects are identified and two groups specific to developing countries named circumstances and private risks are proposed. Because of insufficient studies and lack of experience in developing countries about transportation mega projects via Public private partnership this study can be a helpful reference for public private partnership implementation of high speed rail mega projects in developing countries.

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