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  • Open Access Persian
    Sayyed Abbas Mousavian; Mohammad Hasem Botshekan; Fereshteh Rahimi Almasi;
    Publisher: Imam Sadiq University

    At the moment, Iran needs an urgent development of its infrastructure but the government's financial resources are not high enough to afford such expenses and on the other hand, the mismatch between the short-term resources of banks and long-term expenses of projects, h...

  • Open Access Persian
    Khodabakhsh Karami; Stan Frost;
    Publisher: Tehran University of Medical Sciences

    Noise measurement and social questionnaire surveys in three residential areas around Mehrabad International Airport (Tehran, Iran) were based upon randomly selected dwellings in each area. A total of 193 individuals responded and many are annoyed and dissatisfied with a...

  • Open Access Persian
    Seyyed Reza Makkiabadi; Kambiz Behnia; Ali Akbari;
    Publisher: Iranian Society of Structrual Engineering (ISSE)

    Public private partnership has been used extensively in both developing and developed countries in delivering various types of projects, ranging from transportation projects, health care facility and power plants. The high speed rail projects which implemented by public...