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    P. A Korchagin; A. B. Letopolskiy; I. A. Teterina;
    Publisher: Siberian State Automobile and Highway University (SibADI)

    Introduction. Nowadays there is sufficient number of the working bodies’ parameters, which allow performing technological operations in different conditions with minimal labor and energy resources. It is necessary to produce significant excavation during roads’ construction. Therefore, to perform such technological procedure excavation and road machinery are used. The motor grader is an earth-moving machine and is necessary for surface profiling, moving and construction materials’ level.The motor grader efficiency is determined by the performance criterion. World producers of earthmoving and road machinery associate the growth of quality and speed of work with the improvement of the executive working bodies. Moreover, new design variants of dumps are being developed, including design variants for motor graders. Such solution would allow to reduce the necessary number of passages along the construction site and to shorten the time for mounting the working body. The article presents the variant of the motor grader working equipment improving by installing the side working dump.Materials and methods. The calculated dependences of the main parameters of the motor grader are obtained, such as the coupling weight, the nominal traction force, the resistances arising in the operating mode when cutting and moving the ground, and the total engine power for the operating mode at 4 km per hour speed. Strength characteristics of the side working equipment of the motor grader are investigated. The analysis is carried out by using the Solid Software.Results. The results of the theoretical studies are presented graphically and reflected the stresses, displacements and deformations in proposed lateral working equipment of the motor grader. Using the Solid Works software product it is possible to determine the safety margin of the proposed design. The conducted research allows confirming the working capacity of the proposed technical solution.Discussion and conclusion. The proposed technical solution allows increasing the productivity of the machine while performing the planning works, while maintaining the specified accuracy of their implementation. In addition, such design allows profiling not only the horizontal surface, but also the embankment construction when the side blade is located at an angle of up to 20 degrees.

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