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    Bertrand, Loïc; Charbonnel, Bénédicte; Castillejo, Marta; David, Sophie; de Clercq, Hilde; Spring, Marika;
    Publisher: HAL CCSD
    Country: France
    Project: EC | E-RIHS PP (739503), EC | IPERION CH (654028)

    This Scientific Vision aims to monitor the landscape of the setting up of the E-RIHS infrastructure, to describe the main scientific ambitions of E-RIHS in the coming years and to outline what pathways will be used to achieve them.The E-RIHS Scientific Vision will be the introduction of the E-RIHS Scientific and Technical description, one of the documents that will be produced to apply for the ERIC status.The first version of the E-RIHS Scientific Vision was elaborated in the framework of the task 9.1 “Excellence: priorities and strategy” of the WP9 of E-RIHS PP. European and national communities, as well as international partners, were widely consulted throughout the preparation process.A six pages flyer and a poster illustrating the Scientific Vision were also produced.

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