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  • Phonetic adaptation as (near) rational learning in a variable environment
  • The neural basis of language comprehension: Insights from spatiotemporal imaging
  • CAREER: Communicative Efficiency and Adaptiveness in the Ideal Speaker
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    Shaorong Yan; Gina R. Kuperberg; T. Florian Jaeger;
    Publisher: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
    Project: NIH | Phonetic adaptation as (n... (5R01HD075797-05), NIH | The neural basis of langu... (5R01HD082527-02), NSF | CAREER: Communicative Eff... (1150028)

    AbstractThe extent to which language processing involves prediction of upcoming inputs remains a question of ongoing debate. One important data point comes from DeLong et al. (2005) who reported that an N400-like event-related potential correlated with a probabilistic i...