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    Rufat, Samuel; Plattard, Odile; Fekete, Alexander; GILLI, Ludivine; Hudson, Paul; Santoni, Victor;
    Publisher: HAL CCSD
    Country: France
    Project: EC | RESILOC (833671)

    The Second ENCORE European conference in October 2021 in Paris, France, has gathered two communities, the Risk Perception and Behaviour Survey of Surveyors (Risk-SoS) and the H2020-DRS01 Cluster on risk perception and adaptive behaviour (a grouping of several Horizon Europe – Disaster Resilient Societies projects, most notably RESILOC, BUILDERS, ENGAGE, LINKS, CORE and Risk PACC). During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns in 2020 and 2021 the monthly Risk-SoS webinars have been keeping the risk perception and adaptive behaviour research community together with panels on the role of theories in research on hazards adaptation, resilience and vulnerability. Topics were on risk perception and behaviour across challenges and time, across disciplines and methods, as well as panel and longitudinal approaches, and workshops on theories and methods to advance the design of a collective surveying approach with potentially common questions and answers’ scales to foster comparability. The Risk-SoS webinars have also been discussing the results of the Survey of Surveyors and sustaining the collective effort to build a harmonised approach for risk perception and adaptive behaviour assessment. In an hybrid format, the Second ENCORE conference has gathered 25 researchers and experts from 10 countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom) at the Ministry of Research in Paris, France.

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