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  • Spanish
    Aguilar, Fernando;
    Country: Spain
    Project: EC | EOSC-synergy (857647)

    FAIR EVA has been developed to check the FAIRness level of digital objects from different repositories or data portals. It requires the object identifier (preferably persistent and unique identifier) and the repository to check. It also provides a generic and agnostic way to check digital objects. The project leading to this application, EOSC-Synergy, has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 857647. Documentation of the software can be found under the docs folder. No

  • Open Access Spanish
    Toscano, Maurizio; Díaz, Aitor;
    Publisher: Zenodo
    Project: EC | POSTDATA (679528), EC | DESIR (731081), EC | POSTDATA (679528), EC | DESIR (731081)

    Mapping digital humanities in Spain (1993-2019) This dataset has been extensively analysed in the following paper and has also been used for the following poster

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