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    Arnaubec, Aurelien; Raugel, Ewen;
    Publisher: SEANOE

    Abstract Torpedo boat wreck off-the southern French Mediterranean coast (43.124°N;6.523°E), at a water depth of ~476 m. This battle ship sank in 1903 ( and the wreck is is ~20 m long and 3 m wide, raising ~2 m above the surrounding seafloor. This shipwreck was surveyed using the HROV Arianne in 2016, deployed from N/O L’Europe, and equipped with a vertical electronic still camera. Two datasets are provided. First, the survey imagery, that consists of 442 images (jpeg format) and an associated navigation file in dim2 format (torpdo_boat_imagery). Second, a 3D textured model of the site (obj format), together with the a kml file for georeferencing, and a geotiff orthomosaic (torpedo_boat_model). This dataset is one of several sets released with a paper by Arnaubec et al. (submitted to Computer and Geosciences) presenting the Matisse image processing software, and the 3DMetrics Visualization and analysis software (ref Github to come). Arnaubec, A., J. Escartín, J. Opderbecke, M. Matabos, N. Gracias, submitted, Underwater 3D terrain reconstruction from video or still imagery: Processing and exploitation software (MATISSE \& 3DMETRICS), Computers and Geosciences

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