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  • 2017-2021
  • Open Access
  • Dataset
  • European Commission
  • Hazards SEES: Persistent volcanic crises resilience in the face of prolonged and uncertain risk
  • High-Resolution Seismic Tomography and Earthquake Monitoring at Deception Island Volcano, Antarctica
  • ES
  • Repositorio Institucional Universidad de Granada
  • EPOS

  • Open Access English
    Ibáñez Godoy, Jesús Miguel; Díaz Moreno, Alejandro; Prudencio Soñora, Janire; Zandomeneghi, Daria; Wilcock, William; Barclay, Andrew; Almendros González, Francisco Javier; Benítez Ortúzar, María Del Carmen; García Yeguas, María Araceli; Alguacil De La Blanca, Ángel Gerardo;
    Publisher: Springer Nature
    Country: Spain
    Project: EC | EPOS IP (676564), EC | MED-SUV (308665), NSF | High-Resolution Seismic T... (0230094), NSF | Hazards SEES: Persistent ... (1521855)

    We are grateful to the officers and crew of the Spanish vessels 'R/V Hesperides' and 'R/V Las Palmas', the personnel of the Marine Technology Unit (UTM), the military personnel of the 'Gabriel de Castilla' Spanish base, and the members of the TOMODEC Working Group. This...