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  • Open Access
    Hingamp P.; Iudicone D.; Brum J. R.; Zingone A.; Wincker P.; -P, Gattuso J.; Guidi L.; Sullivan M. B.; Casotti R.; de Vargas C.; +43 more
    Publisher: American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
    Project: TARA | Tara Oceans (2)

    Agulhas rings provide the principal route for ocean waters to circulate from the Indo-Pacific to the Atlantic basin. Their influence on global ocean circulation is well known, but their role in plankton transport is largely unexplored. We show that, although the coarse ...

  • Other research product . Other ORP type . 2015
    Open Access
    de Vargas, Colomban; Probert, Ian; Carmichael, Margaux; Poulain, Julie; Romac, Sarah; Colin, Sébastien; Aury, Jean-Marc; Bittner, Lucie; Chaffron, Samuel; Dunthorn, Micah; +45 more
    Project: TARA | Tara Oceans (2)

    Accompanying material, text, data and figures for the article de Vargas et al., 'Eukaryotic plankton diversity in the sunlit ocean', Science 348, 1261605 (2015), doi: 10.1126/science.1261605

  • Open Access French
    Le Bescot, Noan;
    Publisher: HAL CCSD
    Project: TARA | Tara Oceans (2)

    Les dinoflagellés forment un groupe complexe de protistes avec une grande diversité de morphologies, physiologies, et cycles de vies qui leur confèrent une forte capacité d'adaptation à l'ensemble des milieux (marins et dulçaquicoles) et habitats (pélagiques et benthiqu...

  • Open Access English
    Zervas, Panagiotis;
    Publisher: HAL CCSD
    Country: France
    Project: EC | GO-LAB (317601)

    The main outcome of this document is the development of the Go Lab Inventory of Online Labs for the 1st year of the project, which includes thirteen (13) online labs, described following the Go Lab methodology and they will be used (a) in WP1 in order to support the wor...

  • Open Access German
    Euzenat, Jérôme; Svab-Zamazal, Ondrej; Trojahn, Cássia; Ferrara, Alfio; Hage, Willem Robert van; Hollink, Laura; Meilicke, Christian; Nikolov, Andriy; Scharffe, Francois; Shvaiko, Pavel; +1 more
    Publisher: RWTH
    Country: Germany
    Project: EC | SEALS (238975)