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  • publication . Article . Preprint . 2017
    Open Access English
    Carlos E. Cunha; J. Carretero; J. Carretero; Joshua A. Frieman; R. C. Thomas; Francisco J. Castander; Elisabeth Krause; D. Brooks; F. Sobreira; Mathew Smith; ...
    Publisher: HAL CCSD
    Project: EC | COSMICDAWN (306478), EC | SPCND (615929), NSF | Type Ia Supernovae in the... (1311862), EC | TESTDE (291329), NSF | Collaborative Research: T... (1138766), NSF | The Progenitors and Explo... (1518052), EC | COGS (240672)

    We present the Dark Energy Survey (DES) discovery of DES15E2mlf, the most distant superluminous supernova (SLSN) spectroscopically confirmed to date. The light curves and Gemini spectroscopy of DES15E2mlf indicate that it is a Type I superluminous supernova (SLSN-I) at ...

  • publication . Article . Preprint . Other literature type . 2018
    Open Access
    Rafe Schindler; Christopher J. Miller; Kyler Kuehn; A. V. Filippenko; Eric Suchyta; D. A. Finley; J. Carretero; F. Sobreira; M. E. C. Swanson; D. Brooks; ...
    Publisher: eScholarship, University of California
    Project: NSF | Collaborative Research: T... (1138766), EC | SPCND (615929), EC | COGS (240672), NSF | Type Ia Supernovae in the... (1311862), EC | TESTDE (291329), EC | COSMICDAWN (306478), NSF | The Progenitors and Explo... (1518052)

    We present observations of DES16C2nm, the first spectroscopically confirmed hydrogen-free superluminous supernova (SLSN-I) at redshift z~2. DES16C2nm was discovered by the Dark Energy Survey (DES) Supernova Program, with follow-up photometric data from the Hubble Space ...

2 research outcomes, page 1 of 1