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  • publication . Preprint . Article . 2016
    Open Access English
    Su-Ming Weng; Jorge Vieira; Min Chen;
    Project: RCUK | CRITICAL MASS: Collective... (EP/J018171/1), EC | EUCARD-2 (312453), RCUK | Lab in a bubble (EP/N028694/1), EC | EuPRAXIA (653782), EC | LASERLAB-EUROPE (654148)

    Comment: 16 pages, 4 figures

  • publication . Article . Other literature type . 2015
    Open Access English
    Gregor H Welsh; Samuel R. Yoffe; John Farmer;
    Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
    Project: RCUK | CRITICAL MASS: Collective... (EP/J018171/1), EC | LASERLAB-EUROPE (284464), EC | EUCARD-2 (312453)

    Stimulated Raman backscattering in plasma is potentially an efficient method of amplifying laser pulses to reach exawatt powers because plasma is fully broken down and withstands extremely high electric fields. Plasma also has unique nonlinear optical properties that al...

  • publication . Article . Other literature type . Preprint . 2017
    Open Access English
    Roman Spitsyn; Robert Apsimon; Amos Christopher Dexter; Florian Kraus; Valentin Fedosseev; Veronica Berglyd Olsen; Kevin PEPITONE; Stefano Mazzoni; Marlene Turner; Graeme Campbell Burt; ...
    Publisher: IOP Publishing Ltd
    Project: NSERC , EC | COFUND-FP-CERN-2014 (665779), EC | EUCARD-2 (312453), EC | InPairs (695088)

    Comment: Presented as an invited talk at the EPS=Plasma Physics Conference 2017

  • publication . Article . 2013
    Open Access English
    J.M. Dias; Gregor H Welsh; Matthias Hoek; David J Hamilton;
    Publisher: AMER INST PHYSICS
    Project: EC | LASERLAB-EUROPE (284464), EC | EUCARD-2 (312453), FCT | SFRH/BD/37838/2007 (SFRH/BD/37838/2007)

    Compton side-scattering has been used to simultaneously downshift the energy of keV to MeV energy range photons while attenuating their flux to enable single-shot, spectrally resolved, measurements of high flux X-ray sources to be undertaken. To demonstrate the techniqu...

  • publication . Article . Other literature type . 2014
    Open Access English
    Alexander Pukhov; Robert Bingham; Chengkun Huang; Jorge Vieira; Alexey Petrenko; Zulfikar Najmudin; R. A. Fonseca; Alexander Sosedkin; N. C. Lopes; null null; ...
    Publisher: IOP Publ.
    Project: EC | EUCARD-2 (312453)

    New acceleration technology is mandatory for the future elucidation of fundamental particles and their interactions. A promising approach is to exploit the properties of plasmas. Past research has focused on creating large-amplitude plasma waves by injecting an intense ...

  • publication . Article . Other literature type . 2019
    Open Access English
    A. E. Hussein; N. Senabulya; Y. Ma; M. J. V. Streeter; B. Kettle; S. J. D. Dann; F. Albert; N. Bourgeois; S. Cipiccia; J. M. Cole; ...
    Project: NSERC , RCUK | Cockcroft Institute (ST/P002056/1), EC | LASERLAB-EUROPE (654148), EC | EuPRAXIA (653782), RCUK | Application of Next Gener... (EP/J500094/1), EC | EUCARD-2 (312453), RCUK | Lab in a bubble (EP/N028694/1), RCUK | CRITICAL MASS: Collective... (EP/J018171/1), FCT | POCI/FIS/59574/2004 (59574), RCUK | The John Adams Institute ... (ST/P000835/1)

    Laser-wakefield accelerators (LWFAs) are high acceleration-gradient plasma-based particle accelerators capable of producing ultra-relativistic electron beams. Within the strong focusing fields of the wakefield, accelerated electrons undergo betatron oscillations, emitti...

6 research outcomes, page 1 of 1
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