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  • Russian
    Levin, Genrikh; Rozin, Boris; Dolgui, Alexandre;
    Publisher: HAL CCSD
    Country: France

    National audience; The mathematical model and method for the problem of optimization of aggregation and of sequential-parallel execution modes of intersecting operation sets are proposed. The proposed method is based on the two-level decomposition scheme. At the top level the variant of aggregation for groups of operations is selected, and at the lower level the intensities of operations execution are optimized for a fixed version of aggregation.

  • Open Access Russian
    Guschinsky, Nikolay; Battaïa, Olga; Dolgui, Alexandre;
    Publisher: The United Institute of Informatics Problems of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
    Country: France

    A problem of design of a flow line composed of stationary machines for sequential batch machining is considered. A MIP model for synthesis of manufacturing process structure is proposed. The model takes into account main technological and structural constraints with the criterion of the minimal line equipment cost. Results of solving a real industrial example are also presented.

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