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  • Recolector de Ciencia Abierta, RECOLECTA
  • Repositorio Institucional Universidad de Granada
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  • Open Access
    Ibáñez Godoy, Jesús Miguel; Díaz Moreno, Alejandro; Prudencio Soñora, Janire; Zandomeneghi, Daria; Wilcock, William; Barclay, Andrew; Almendros González, Francisco Javier; Benítez Ortúzar, María Del Carmen; García Yeguas, María Araceli; Alguacil De La Blanca, Ángel Gerardo;
    Publisher: Editorial de la Universidad de Granada
    Country: Spain
    Project: NSF | High-Resolution Seismic T... (0230094), EC | EPOS IP (676564), NSF | Hazards SEES: Persistent ... (1521855), EC | MED-SUV (308665)

    We are grateful to the officers and crew of the Spanish vessels 'R/V Hesperides' and 'R/V Las Palmas', the personnel of the Marine Technology Unit (UTM), the military personnel of the 'Gabriel de Castilla' Spanish base, and the members of the TOMODEC Working Group. This...

  • Publication . Article . Other literature type . 2021
    Open Access
    I. DeFelipe; J. Alcalde; M. Ivandic; D. Martí; D. Martí; M. Ruiz; I. Marzán; J. Diaz; P. Ayarza; I. Palomeras; +6 more
    Publisher: Copernicus GmbH
    Countries: Sweden, Spain
    Project: EC | EPOS SP (871121), EC | EPOS IP (676564)

    Seismic reflection data (normal incidence and wide angle) are unique assets for solid Earth sciences as they provide critical information about the physical properties and structure of the lithosphere as well as about the shallow subsurface for exploration purposes. The...

  • Open Access English
    Andreas Fichtner; Dirk Philip van Herwaarden; Michael Afanasiev; Saulė Simutė; Lion Krischer; Yeşim Çubuk-Sabuncu; Tuncay Taymaz; Lorenzo Colli; Erdinc Saygin; Antonio Villaseñor; +4 more
    Countries: Spain, France, Netherlands, Switzerland
    Project: EC | CSEM (714069), EC | EPOS IP (676564)

    We present a general concept for evolutionary, collaborative, multiscale inversion of geophysical data, specifically applied to the construction of a first-generation Collaborative Seismic Earth Model. This is intended to address the limited resources of individual rese...