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  • High prevalence of being Overweight and Obese HIV-infected persons, before and after 24 months on early ART in the ANRS 12136 Temprano Trial

    Article English OPEN
    Guehi , Calixte; Badjé , Anani; Gabillard , Delphine; Ouattara , Eric; Koulé , Serge Olivier; Moh , Raoul; Ekouevi , Didier; Ahibo , Hugues; N’Takpé , Jean Baptiste; Menan , Gérard Kouamé; Deschamps , Nina; Lecarrou , Jerôme; Eholié , Serge; Anglaret , Xavier; Danel , Christine; (2015)
    International audience; AbstractBackgroundHIV is usually associated with weight loss. World health Organization (WHO) recommends early antiretroviral (ART) initiation, but data on the progression of body mass index (BMI) in participants initiating early ART in Africa ar...
  • What differences between a fluid and a solid?

    Preprint French OPEN
    Caltagirone , Jean-Paul; (2015)
    Discrete mechanics is extended to interactions between fluids and solids. This results in a single equation of motion for all media where mass conservation is integrated. The only variable for fluid flow problems and constraints in solids is velocity. The displacements ...
  • Carbon Leakage and Capacity-Based Allocations. Is the EU right?

    Preprint English OPEN
    Meunier , Guy; Ponssard , Jean-Pierre; Quirion , Philippe; (2014)
    Competitiveness and carbon leakage are major concerns for the design of CO2 emissions permits markets. In absence of a global carbon tax and of border carbon adjustments, output based allocation is a third best solution and is actually implemented (Australia, California...
  • On the Proof Theory of Regular Fixed Points

    Conference object English OPEN
    Baelde , David; (2009)
    International audience; We consider encoding finite automata as least fixed points in a proof theoretical framework equipped with a general induction scheme, and study automata inclusion in that setting. We provide a coinductive characterization of inclusion that yields a...
  • Dynamique de mouvements de versant : mécanismes de déformation complexes et analyse de données multi-paramètres

    Conference object French OPEN
    Klein , Emmanuelle; Gueniffey , Yves; Coccia , Stella; Bigarre , Pascal; (2014)
    National audience; In this paper, we present an integrated monitoring solution that has been installed on the Sechilienne rock slope for four years. This solution provides suiface measurements as weil as in-depth measurements used to 1- better understand the response of...
  • An Introduction to Clique Minimal Separator Decomposition

    Article English OPEN
    Berry , Anne; Pogorelcnik , Romain; Simonet , Geneviève; (2010)
    International audience; This paper is a review which presents and explains the decomposition of graphs by clique minimal separators. The pace is leisurely, we give many examples and figures. Easy algorithms are provided to implement this decomposition. The historical an...
  • Evolution of the Mechanical Properties During the Gel–Glass Process

    Part of book or chapter of book English OPEN
    Woignier , Thierry; Despetis , Florence; Etienne , P.; Alaoui , Adil; Duffours , L; Phalippou , Jean; (2018)
    International audience; Different kinds of structure in alcogels and aerogels (fractal or not fractal) can be synthesized by a control of the chemical parameters and also by different steps in the preparation such as sintering and plastic compaction. The porosity of the...
  • Sparse Detection in the Chirplet Transform: Application to FMCW Radar Signals

    Article English OPEN
    Millioz , F.; Davies , Mike ,; (2012)
    International audience; This paper aims to detect and characterize a signal coming from frequency modulation continuous wave radars. The radar signals are made of piecewise linear frequency modulations. The maximum chirplet transform (MCT), a simplification of the chirp...
  • UCP2 induces metabolic reprogramming to inhibit proliferation of cancer cells

    Article English OPEN
    Pauline , Esteves; Pecqueur , Claire; Marie-Clotilde , Alves-Guerra; (2014)
    International audience; Invalidation of uncoupling protein 2 (Ucp2) increases glucose utilization and proliferation in normal cells. Werecently reported that cancer cells that overexpress UCP2 become less tumorigenic while switching their metabolism from glycolysis to o...
  • Soil nematodes show a mid-elevation diversity maximum and elevational zonation on Mt. Norikura, Japan.

    Article English OPEN
    Dong , Ke; Moroenyane , Itumeleng; Tripathi , Binu; Kerfahi , Dorsaf; Takahashi , Koichi; Yamamoto , Naomichi; Cho , Choa; Cho , Hyunjun; Adams , Jonathan; (2017)
    International audience; Little is known about how nematode ecology differs across elevational gradients. We investigated the soil nematode community along a ~2,200 m elevational range on Mt. Norikura, Japan, by sequencing the 18S rRNA gene. As with many other groups of ...
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292,381 publications, page 1 of 29,239
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