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  • Postpartum Psychosis: A Foucauldian analysis of women’s experiences of living with this diagnosis

    Doctoral thesis English OPEN
    Hunter, Catherine J; (2013)
    Postpartum psychosis is thought to affect one or two women per 1000 deliveries (Kendell, Chalmers & Platz, 1987). The construction of this diagnosis as ‘rare’ has served to marginalise women who experience ‘psychosis’ in the postpartum period. This has been demonstrated...
  • Mapping the Body's Movement

    Article English OPEN
    Castelyn, Sarahleigh; (2010)
    Both geography and choreography are concerned with the movement of the body in\ud space, and in the context of South Africa, the geography of apartheid might be understood\ud as a legislative choreography. This article seeks to establish how aspects of geography\ud stud...
  • Introduction: Broken Narratives: Textual and Visual Interfaces

    Part of book or chapter of book English OPEN
    Tamboukou, Maria; (2010)
    Introductory chapter to a book which explores entanglements of power relations and forces of desire in life narratives and visual images. The analysis draws on paintings and archival auto/biographical writings of six fin-de-siècle women artists, who are brought together...
  • Risky single-occasion drinking amongst young people--definition, correlates, policy, and intervention: a broad overview of research findings.

    Article English OPEN
    Murgraff, Vered; Parrott, Andrew; Bennett, Paul; (1999)
    Risky single-occasion drinking (RSOD) has dire consequences upon health and well-being including unplanned pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS, crime, and car accidents. The prevalence of RSOD among young people is alarming. Despite this, as yet,...
  • Trust, Religiosity, and Relationship Marketing: A Conceptual Overview of Consumer Brand Loyalty

    Article English OPEN
    Al-Abdulrazak, Rula; Gbadamosi, Ayantunji; (2017)
    Purpose: Over the years, a considerable depth of research has established the link between trust, commitment and relationship marketing and its relevance to consumers’ brand preferences. Nonetheless, there is a dearth of research on how they are linked to religiosity. A...
  • Professional Judgment, Practitioner Expertise and Organisational Culture in Child Protection: An Ethnographic Study

    Doctoral thesis English OPEN
    Whittaker, Andrew; (2014)
    Child protection social workers must make difficult decisions in real life circumstances that often involve limited knowledge, uncertainty, conflicting values, time pressures and powerful emotions. These circumstances can pose a significant challenge to reasoning skills...
  • Infants perceive human point-light displays as solid forms

    Article English OPEN
    Moore, Derek G.; Goodwin, Julia E.; George, Rachel; Axelsson, Emma L.; Braddick, Fleur M.B.; (2007)
    While five-month-old infants show orientation-specific sensitivity to changes in the motion and occlusion patterns of human point-light displays, it is not known whether infants are capable of binding a human representation to these displays. Furthermore, it has been su...
  • Commemoration and transitional objects

    Doctoral thesis English OPEN
    Great-Rex, Eric James; (2013)
    My strategy has been to use the aesthetics of crafted familiar decorative\ud domestic objects to draw the viewer in and set up certain expectations which are\ud then confounded or challenged as the work undermines the initial propositions,\ud creating a tension between ...
  • Gendering the Politics of Alienation: Arab Revolution and Women’s Sentiments of Loss and Despair

    Article English OPEN
    Jabiri, Afaf; (2018)
    The article suggests that from the start of the revolutions in the Arab region in late 2010 a connection between the law, state, political economy, gender norms and orientalist\ud ideology has formed the foundation of women’s systematic exclusion from politics. As a con...
  • Introduction to the Special Issue on Individual Differences in Multisensory Perception: An Overview

    Article English OPEN
    Jonas, Clare; Spiller, Mary Jane; Hibbard, Paul B.; Proulx, Michael J.; (2017)
    The world is full of objects that can be perceived through multiple different senses to create an integrated understanding of our environment. Since each of us has different biological and psychological characteristics, different people may perceive the world in quite d...
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3,422 publications, page 1 of 343
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