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  • Book English OPEN
    Thompson, Alfred;
    Life as lived is personal. There is no other way to experience life except from the perspective of and from inside the body, h eart and mind of a person. Development, and everything to do with de velopment, is also personal. And there is no other w...
  • Conference object English OPEN
    Duffy, K.; Leith, D. J.; Li, T.; Malone, D.;
    In this paper we introduce a tractable analytic model of throughput performance for general 802.11 multi-hop networks. We use this model to explore a number of fairness issues in 802.11 multi-hop networks that have a significant impact on performance and capacity for re...
  • Article English OPEN
    Garvey, Pauline;
    This article presents an exploration of home decoration and domestic aesthetics in the Norwegian town of Skien. The analysis of everyday domestic aesthetics is derived from original ethnographic research in which a normative social reference point such as practica...
  • Doctoral thesis English OPEN
    Stanojević, Rade;
    We begin this thesis by generalizing some results related to a recently proposed positive system model of TCP congestion control algorithms. Then, motivated by a mean ¯eld analysis of the positive system model, a novel, stateless, queue management scheme is designed: Mu...
  • Article English OPEN
    Sung, Simon; Wang, Qingyang; Krämer, Tobias; Young, Rowan D;
    We report the first example of a cobalt PCcarbeneP pincer complex (1) featuring a central alkylidene carbon donor accessed through the dehydration of an alcoholic POP proligand. Complex 1 shares bonding similarities with cobalt PBP and PNP pincer complexes where the don...
  • Part of book or chapter of book English OPEN
    Zheng, Jianghua; Winstanley, Adam C.; Pan, Zheng; Coveney, Seamus;
    We consider how to handle open walking areas in pedestrian navigation applications. Walking areas are a key type of feature which is a major difference between networks of pedestrian navigation and that of road vehicle navigation. Up to recently, little work has been ca...
  • Article English OPEN
    Demsar, Urska; Fotheringham, Stewart; Charlton, Martin;
    The paper examines the potential for combining a spatial statistical methodology – Geographically Weighted Regression (GWR) – with geovisual analytical exploration to help understand complex spatio-temporal processes. This is done by applying the combined stati...
  • Article English OPEN
    Connolly, Niall;
    This paper provides a perspective on what knowledge is, why knowledge is important, and how we might encourage good knowledge behaviours. A knowledge management framework is described, and although the framework is project management-centric the basic principles are tra...
  • Article English OPEN
    Kitchin, Rob; Blades, Mark; Golledge, Reginald G.;
    The special issue of Environment and Behavior, "Relations Between Environmental Psychology and Allied Fields," edited by Seymour Wapner (1995) contained seven articles explorng the links between environmental psychology and other subfields of psychology. The articles ex...
  • Part of book or chapter of book English OPEN
    Ryan, Anne B.;
    A Literature review is an in-depth examination of the significant material in books, journals and other sources relating to your topic. The aim is to explore what is already known on the topic and to introduce the main thinkers/writers in the area. A review helps you an...
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9,177 publications, page 1 of 918
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