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  • Conference object English OPEN
    Gargiulo, Paola;
    The OA movement in Italy enjoys the active participation of single universities, research centres and supercomputing consortia. An overview of OA initiatives in Italy is followed by a more detailed presentation of PLEIADI- Portal for Italian Electronic Scholarly Literat...
  • Preprint English OPEN
    Fernal, Alexandre; Vitoriano, Marcia; Madio, Telma;
    Since the late 1980s, Archives have undergone a series of conceptual changes based on the development of new theoretical approaches to the understanding of archival document concepts and archival functions. In the context of the paradigm that has been called post-custod...
  • Conference object English OPEN
    Dekeyser, Raf;
    Conclusions of the report of the panel discussion about the future of the scholarly communication "Organisational support for the EU platform level action to support innovative efforts for a new scholarly communication framework"
  • Conference object English OPEN
    Pérez González, Lourdes;
    Publisher: SEDIC
    Within the framework of the e-science, preservation of scientific data is an essential task for achieving robust and sustainable information cyberinfraestructure. Cataloguing as an economic good (justified by the need to protect investment in research, institutional ...
  • Conference object English OPEN
    Muela-Meza, Zapopan Martín; Torres-Reyes, José Antonio;
    It contains the project of creation of the Research Centre in Documental Information (CINFODOC), which is projected as being the first organism of academic excellence of the School of Philosophy and Letters of the Nuevo Leon Autonomous University (UANL), Mexico and of t...
  • Book English OPEN
    Moya-Anegón, Félix; Solís-Cabrera, Francisco M.; Chinchilla-Rodríguez, Zaida; Corera-Álvarez, Elena; Herrero-Solana, Victor; Muñoz-Fernández, Francisco José; Navarrete-Cortés, José; Vargas-Quesada, Benjamín;
    Publisher: Junta de Andalucía
    Scientific and technical research plays a paramount role in the economic and social development of the most advanced countries. For this reason governments pay special attention to the scientific and technological policies in order to improve Science and Technology Sys...
  • Conference object Spanish OPEN
    Olmeda-Gómez, Carlos;
    The essay starts with an abstract of a few college publications about bibliometric and its study in universities, to begin with a context before going into the main subjects, the situation of Spanish research in documentation in a worldwide context. Then, it presents an...
  • Part of book or chapter of book English OPEN
    Peñafiel, Carmen; López, Nereida;
    Publisher: Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea = Universidad del País Vasco
    Digital documentation and content management in television today. During the last 15 years, television has been immersed in a profound transformation due to the development of telecommunications and the marriage between information technology, telephony and the aud...
  • Conference object English OPEN
    Tena Arregui, Blanca; Sainz Guerra, Jaime;
    Publisher: SEDIC
    Descriptive treatment project unified database of museum funds, documentary and bibliographic Pinazo House Museum in Godella, Valencia, which has retained much of the work of painter Ignacio Pines Camarlench (1849-1916) and a representation important of their sons: the ...
  • Conference object English OPEN
    Kolasa, Władysław Marek;
    Publisher: Komisja Prasoznawcza Oddziału PAN w Krakowie
    Presentation includes a systematic review of the achievements of research on the history of the press in Krakow
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10,012 publications, page 5 of 1,002
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