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  • Conference object English OPEN
    Marshall, D; Delaney, Declan; McLoone, Seamus; Ward, Tomas;
    Publisher: University of Wolverhamptom UK and The Society for Modeling and Simulation International (SCS Europe BVBA)
    Random terrain generation is the procedural creation of a set of data that represents closely a believable landscape. Common techniques of achieving this include the use of fractals and noise. Such techniques usually require a large volume of memory, as the geometry of ...
  • Article English OPEN
    Buckley, Stephen M.; Stanoyevitch, Alexander;
    Publisher: Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Departamento de Matematicas
    We investigate geometric conditions related to Hölder imbeddings, and show, among other things, that the only bounded Euclidean domains of the form U X V that are quasiconformally equivalent to inner uniform domains are inner uniform domains.
  • Part of book or chapter of book English OPEN
    Campbell, Gordon;
    Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
    Lucretius is so well known to be an Epicurean poet that it may seem pointless to investigate his philosophical influences. The situation should be straightforward, but many un-Epicurean influences have been noticed in De rerum natura, and there has been conside...
  • Article English OPEN
    Al-Rawi, Nada; Kavanagh, Kevin;
    Publisher: Elsevier B.V.
    A rapid method for the extraction of whole cell proteins from yeasts of the genus Candida has been developed. Stationary phase cells (109) were harvested, washed with phosphate-buffered saline and resuspended in 200 μl of sodium dodecyl sulphate (SDS) sample buffer. The...
  • Part of book or chapter of book English OPEN
    O'Donoghue, Diarmuid P.; Cleary, David;
    Publisher: ACTA Press
    Search engines, directories and web browsers all deal with the Internet at the level of individual web-pages. We argue that this is too low a level of resolution for many, including the non-casual surfer, who has detailed knowledge of his/her topic of int...
  • Article English OPEN
    Kitchin, Rob;
    Publisher: Geographical Association
    The world of Others is little considered in human geography beyond essentialist and imperialist1 calls for a recognition of cultural diversity and mutual understanding. Others are those groups in society who are generally marginalised or excluded on the basis of some ch...
  • Article English OPEN
    Burke, Luke A.; Butler, Richard N.; Stephens, John C.;
    Publisher: Royal Society of Chemstry
    Theoretical studies of proposed structures for NaN5, KN5, Mg(N5)2, Ca(N5)2, and Zn(N5)2 metal complexed pentazole anions have been carried out with the RHF, MP2, MCSCF, and DFT theoretical methods. Additional DFT calculations were performed on MgN5Cl, CaN5Cl, and ZnN5Cl...
  • Article English OPEN
    Foley, Ronan;
    Publisher: Elsevier
    The National Health Service (NHS) Executive for London carried out an investigation in 2002 as part of their wider mental health strategy to establish whether existing mental health advocacy provision in the city was meeting need. The project took a two-part appro...
  • Article English OPEN
    O'Brennan, John;
    Publisher: Thomas Crosbie Media
    The dramatic European Council meeting in Brussels ten days ago seems finally to have signalled a collective EU will toward resolution of the euro crisis. However, quite apart from the problems posed by Britain’s latest lapse into self-imposed and self-defeating isolati...
  • Article English OPEN
    Duffy, Ken; Metcalfe, Anthony P.;
    Publisher: Applied Probability Trust
    Given a sequence of bounded random variables that satisfies a well known mixing condition, it is shown that empirical estimates of the rate-function for the partial sums process satisfies the large deviation principle in the space of convex functions equipped w...
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10,084 publications, page 3 of 1,009
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